Comments from Kosmos Energy in the US independent’s Q2 results last week suggest that the first LNG cargo from the 2.5mn t/y Phase 1 of the Tortue (GTA) project on the Mauritania/Senegal maritime border will load in June 2024 at the earliest.

Following on from operator BP’s acknowledgement that first gas will not be until Q1 next year (MEES, 4 August), partner Kosmos says that the “critical path” of “installation of the infield flowlines and subsea structures” will continue into Q1 2024. As a result, Kosmos presentation material suggests March 2024 for first gas, whilst CEO Andy Inglis says that even on a “shortened [commissioning] timeframe… it’s around sort of probably three months from first gas into the FPSO. You’ve still got around about a 3-month sort of [FLNG] cool-down period that would then lead to the first cargo.” (CONTINUED - 649 WORDS)