Commissioning of Basrah Gas Company (BGC)’s new 200mn cfd gas processing train is set to stretch into late-2023, limiting its impact on gas availability during the summer peak demand period (MEES, 30 June). The facility was inaugurated in late May (MEES, 2 June) by BGC (state-owned South Gas Company 51%, Shell 44%, Mitsubishi 5%) as part of its $1bn 400mn cfd BNGL expansion project.

MEES understands that commissioning work to achieve full capacity is expected to “require a few more months,” with completion now expected by end Q3 or early Q4. Individual units within the plant are currently running on temporary power and the Shell-led joint venture is testing and completing a power grid connection which will allow the full train to be commissioned later as a single plant. (CONTINUED - 155 WORDS)