Kuwait Oil Company (KOC) drilled 30 new deep Jurassic gas wells in the 2022-23 fiscal year to 31 March, part of its ongoing projects to reach 950mn cfd production capacity from non-associated gas in northern Kuwait. The latest production figures show output of 541mn cfd for 2020-21. Development spans across six fields – North West Raudhatain, Raudhatain, Umm Niqa, Sabriya, Bahra and Dhabi.

Contracts were awarded in late 2021 for the much-anticipated Jurassic Production Facilities (JPF4 & JPF5) to Chinese oil and gas engineering firm Jereh and local Kuwaiti contractor Spetco (MEES, 19 November 2021). The new wells will help secure higher flows of sour gas and associated liquids to the new two facilities which are each set to produce 150mn cfd of sales gas and 50,000 b/d of 40-50°API “treated sweet crude” when online in Q1 2024 (MEES, 10 March). (CONTINUED - 181 WORDS)