A pioneering CO₂ capture and mineralization pilot project has started up in the UAE’s Fujairah emirate. Omani firm 44.01 has developed the technology and is partnering with Abu Dhabi state firms Adnoc and Masdar at the pilot project which will inject an initial 10 tons of CO₂, with the potential to scale up operations in 2024. The pilot will use Direct Air Capture (DAC), before mixing the CO₂ with seawater and injecting it into peridotite formations underground; mixing with seawater accelerates the process, and the partners expect the CO₂ will mineralize in less than 12 months. The facility is powered by solar-generated electricity from Masdar.

Talal Hasan, Founder and CEO of 44.01, says “this project is a significant scale-up for our technology and the integration of seawater can play a key role in helping us deploy our technology sustainably around the world.” The firm also operates pilot plants in Oman (MEES, 8 December). (CONTINUED - 148 WORDS)