Iraq’s federal oil exports hit 3.53mn b/d for October. The 96,000 b/d increase over September came largely thanks to an additional 78,000 b/d of seaborne flows from the country’s Gulf terminals in Basra. Since northern pipeline exports to Turkey’s Mediterranean port of Ceyhan were halted in mid-March (MEES, 31 March), Baghdad has maxed out its southern export capacity despite continued Opec+ restrictions (MEES, 1 September)).

At 3.48mn b/d for October, Basra exports were 296,000 b/d above March levels – more than four times typical past Baghdad-controlled shipments of 70,000 b/d of Kirkuk crude to Turkey. Kirkuk crude continues to be trucked to nearby Jordan, some 15,000 b/d for October, whilst some 30,000 b/d of ultra-sour Qayara is trucked for export from the southern Khor al-Zubair terminal. (CONTINUED - 205 WORDS)