Libya’s NOC on 16 November reported the first crude export cargo from the Erawin field on Block NC-200 in the country’s far southwest. This follows the 30 March start-up of 3,000 b/d early production at the field where development is being undertaken by NOC’s Zallaf subsidiary with Petrofac the key EPC contractor (MEES, 31 March).

The loading of an initial 630,000-barrel cargo around 230 days after start-up implies that output has averaged just shy of 3,000 b/d since, though Zallaf says current output is 6,000 b/d. Though the NOC release references “Erawin crude,” production to date has been comingled with output from the Repsol-operated Sharara fields (after trucking to the latter facilities 100km to the north) with the cargo in question exported as light sweet Sharara. Petrofac’s EPC contract envisages ultimate output of 16,000 b/d with the completion of a pipeline to the Sharara facilities (MEES, 10 September 2021). (CONTINUED - 147 WORDS)