As the war between Israel and Hamas enters its second month, and with the military threat from the group heavily degraded, Israel’s Ministry of Energy on 9 November notified operator Chevron that it could restart gas output from the 1.1bn cfd Tamar field. With Tamar’s production platform just 25km north of Gaza, Chevron had been ordered to halt production on 9 October.

With the direct 500mn cfd EMG offshore Israel-Egypt pipeline, which skirts Gaza (see map), also shut in following Hamas’ 7 October assault on Israel (MEES, 13 October), deliveries of Israeli gas to Egypt collapsed from pre-conflict levels of 800-900mn cfd to just 100-200mn cfd via Jordan for much of October (see chart 1). Jordan itself has continued to receive its full 200-250mn cfd contractual volumes (MEES, 27 October). (CONTINUED - 1383 WORDS)