Qatar’s LNG expansion project has long been one of the hottest energy tickets around, and with LNG in the global spotlight following Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, the project’s importance has only increased. QatarEnergy has made most of the key partner awards for the 32mn t/y North Field East (NFE) first phase in recent weeks, although it still has 25% to award (MEES, 24 June). Despite the headline gas figures, one of the most attractive elements for IOCs is the liquids-rich nature of the gas.

QatarEnergy says that overall, the NFE project will boost Qatari oil and gas production by 1.4mn boe/d. Alongside the natural gas, there will also be 260,000 b/d of condensate and 11,000 t/d of LPG for export and 4,000 t/d of ethane for use in Qatar’s growing petrochemicals sector. (CONTINUED - 914 WORDS)