Iran appears to have revised down its near-term target for the South Azadegan field by 100,000 b/d. Karim Zubeidi, director of integrated planning at NIOC, tells petroleum ministry outlet Shana that the goal is to reach 220,000 b/d capacity “by end of [Iranian year] 1401” in March 2023, conveniently leaving out any mention that the ministry had until now been targeting 320,000 b/d.

Capacity of the field currently stands at a nominal 140,000 b/d. South Azadegan sits on the Iranian side of Iraq’s 220,000 b/d-capacity Majnoon oil field (MEES, 17 December 2021) and as recently as December National Iranian Oil Company (NIOC) CEO Mohsen Khojastehmehr was saying capacity would hit 320,000 b/d by mid-2023 (MEES, 7 January). (CONTINUED - 518 WORDS)