Iran’s president Ebrhaim Raisi kick-started the second expansion phase of the Shourijeh-D gas storage facility. Phase 1 was inaugurated in 2014 with the facility receiving 10mn m3/d (353mn cfd) of gas via pipeline in the summer months and supplying 20mn m3/d (706mn cfd) to north, northeast and central Iran during winter.

Shourijeh can hold up to 4.8bn m3 (170bn cf) of gas (MEES, 3 October 2014) and annual utilization has been at around 2.25bn m3/y (80bn cf/y) according to Reza Noshadi, CEO of Iranian Gas Engineering & Development Company (IGEDC). Iran has faced unprecedented winter gas shortages and filling Shourijeh quickly before winter is proving a challenge. In August 2021 Shourijeh’s storage stood at about 1bn m3 (35bn cf). (CONTINUED - 191 WORDS)