Iranian gasoline output is on the rise, and supply forecasts point towards the country potentially becoming a net-importer again in the coming years (MEES, 28 January). Further evidence for this trend came during Iran’s recent New Year (Nowruz) holiday. Petroleum Minister Javad Owji says gasoline consumption hit a daily record 131mn l/d (824,000 b/d) on 19 March. Keramat Visukrami, CEO of National Iranian Oil Refining and Distribution Company (NIORDC), told petroleum ministry press agency Shana that for the full 11-day holiday period, 16 to 26 March, gasoline consumption averaged 111.2mn l/d (700,000 b/d) up 26% on last year’s 88mn l/d.

NIORDC forecasts that gasoline demand will reach 160-170mn l/d (just over 1 mn b/d) within a decade, and in order to avoid this, the state-firm aims to hike its refining capacity by 1.2mn b/d to 3.5mn b/d over the next four years. (CONTINUED - 146 WORDS)