The third 150MW CSP component of Morocco’s flagship four-phase 580MW Noor Ouarzazate CSP/PV project has been offline since 2021 due to a molten salt tank leakage, according to Saudi operator Acwa Power. With the plant not expected to restart until November, Acwa estimates revenue losses of SAR283mn ($63mn). The outage will further limit Morocco’s available power generation capacity during summer peak months (MEES, 25 March).

The 150MW Noor Ouarzazate 3 plant came online in 2018 and comprises a central CSP tower and an array of heliostats. The 160MW Noor 1 and 200MW Noor 2 are parabolic trough plants, while the 70MW Noor 4 consists of photovoltaic panels. (CONTINUED - 104 WORDS)