Speaking on his firm’s Q2 earnings call in July, Andy Inglis, CEO of Kosmos, BP’s 26.7% partner at the 15tcf Tortue field on the Mauritania/Senegal maritime border, said the development concept for expansion beyond Phase-1’s 2.5mn t/y (to start up on Q4 next year) was to be finalized in Q3 with a view to FID next year. This timeline has come and gone with Mr Inglis only willing to venture on his firm’s Q3 call earlier this month that a concept might be agreed in the “coming months.”

“On Tortue Phase 2, we are in advanced discussions with our partners BP [56.2%op], Petrosen and SMH [Senegal & Mauritania state firms: 8.6% each], the two governments including their respective Presidents, on the right concept to accelerate the second phase of the project. In light of the changed global market conditions following the invasion of Ukraine and the continuing volatility, our aim is to agree the best concept in the coming months, which will enable us to advance the pace with the right expansion. This is taking longer than initially envisaged as we look to obtain the full agreement of both governments who are rightly considering the importance of their gas resource and the opportunity to build new government-to-government partnerships,” Mr Inglis says. (CONTINUED - 1153 WORDS)