Libya’s Zueitina Oil Company (OMV 50%, NOC 50%) restarted its Zella oil field on 23 September, six years after an Islamic State (IS) rampage across the Sirte Basin knocked it offline alongside several other fields. Zueitina says Zella, which is located on Block NC-74B, restarted at about 5,000 b/d with production flowing to the Ras Lanuf oil export terminal.

Zueitina operates several blocks across the Sirte Basin with the bulk of its current output coming from its portion of the Nafoora field located on Block C-102 as well as the Intisar field on Block C-103. Zueitina had a production capacity of nearly 60,000 b/d before the 2011 revolution but this has dwindled to well under 20,000 b/d. Zueitina is also working to restart its Sabah, Fedah, Hakim fields located on Block NC-74. (CONTINUED - 195 WORDS)