It’s been a long road, but Kuwait says that it has now installed the final unit of the Clean Fuels Project (CFP) upgrading of its Mina al-Ahmadi and Mina Abdullah refineries. Completion of the final unit was announced on 30 May.

The $15.65bn CFP was initially planned to be completed by end-2017, but chronic delays are par for the course in Kuwait and work only began in 2015 (MEES, 13 March 2015). Under the CFP, combined CDU capacity at the two refineries has been increased by 8.8% from 736,000 b/d to 801,000 b/d, while Kuwait also shuttered the ageing 200,000 b/d Shuaiba refinery in March 2017 (MEES, 31 March 2017). (CONTINUED - 653 WORDS)