Kuwait is making gradual progress on the long-delayed development of its non-associated Jurassic gas reserves. The Ministry of Oil (MOO) says that production last summer hit a record 550mn cfd while bids are now in for the two plants that are slated to form ‘Phase 3’ of Jurassic gas development, taking total capacity up to 850mn cfd.

Kuwait Oil Company (KOC) has finally moved ahead with the Fourth and Fifth Jurassic Production Facilities (JPF4 and JPF5), which form the next phase of Jurassic development. Each of the two facilities is to have capacity for “testing, processing, treating and handling of wet and sour hydrocarbon well fluids” into 150mn cfd of sweet gas and 50,000 b/d of “treated sweet crude“ (40-50°API) according to technical specifications seen by MEES. This third phase of the Jurassic Gas project development looks set to come in at around $1bn on the basis of the bids submitted. (CONTINUED - 1103 WORDS)