Long-stated Moroccan plans to import LNG had looked to be going nowhere fast (MEES, 16 October 2015). But seemingly spurred by a realization that a baseload fuel is needed to complement the country’s ambitious renewables plans (MEES, 18 September 2020), that the current default option coal is not a good look internationally, and by a reluctance to rely on neighboring Algeria for gas supplies, Rabat has rebooted these plans. With a twist. Whilst previous plans envisaged spending $4.5bn on a 5bcm/year fixed terminal at Jorf Lasfar south of Casablanca, the latest proposals are more flexible, and, Morocco hopes, more economic.

Morocco’s ministry of energy, mines and the environment (MEME) late last month launched a “Call for expressions of interest for the supply of gas to the national market via an FSRU.” The deadline for submissions is 31 May. (CONTINUED - 1277 WORDS)