Algeria’s 450mn cfd (4.5 bcm/y) Touat gas project is finally back online following months of technical problems which crippled the fledgling development (MEES, 12 March). Operator Neptune Energy’s Q1 results on 13 May says that having “addressed maintenance requirements” outflows from the project’s processing facilities restarted on 16 April.

The most Neptune has netted from Touat in any quarter since its start up in September 2019 was 66mn cfd and 300 b/d of liquids in 2Q20. At least one of Touat’s fields has been keeping busy. Whilst the processing facilities were offline, raw gas from the Sbaa field was supplied to the nearby 100MW power plant in Adrar. The resultant output equated to 13mn cfd net to Neptune for Q1. (CONTINUED - 120 WORDS)