ExxonMobil confirmed in its recently released 2020 Annual Report that “The Barzan project started up in 2020.” Qatar's $10.3bn, 1.4bn cfd Barzan project (QP 93%, Exxon 7%) development has been a lengthy saga, with start-up ultimately coming six years after its initially planned 2014 date (MEES, 12 October 2012).

At full capacity, the project’s 1.4bn cfd of methane will go to Qatar’s power plants, 6,000 tons/day of ethane to the petrochemical industry and the 30,000 b/d condensate to Ras Laffan’s two 146,000 b/d condensate splitters where QP partners with ExxonMobil, Total, and four Japanese firms – Idemitsu, Cosmo, Mitsui, and Marubeni (see map, MEES, 2 April). (CONTINUED - 157 WORDS)