Turkish’s Karpowership has shut down its two 203MW fuel oil-fired powergen vessels moored off Lebanese power plants at Jiyeh and Zouk, adding to Lebanon’s power crisis. The company says its contract with the country’s power company Électricité du Liban (EdL) expired on 1 October. The two vessels had since 2013 accounted for almost 20% of Lebanon’s 2.2GW generation capacity (MEES, 22 February 2013).

The company says Lebanon owes it $100mn. In May it halted generation after a financial prosecutor issued a decision to seize the ships over accusations of corruption brought by a local TV channel (MEES, 14 May). The company’s spokesperson told local Lebanese media it is “acutely aware” of Lebanon’s powergen crisis and “wishes” new prime minister Najib Mikati “the very best.” There may yet be an encore to Karpowership’s eight years in Lebanon, with Mr Mikati invited to Turkey by President Tayyip Erdogan to discuss “Lebanon’s needs.” (CONTINUED - 152 WORDS)