Libya this week exported just shy of 900,000 barrels of crude in two cargoes from the port of Marsa el Brega on the Gulf of Sirte. Alongside a 245,000 barrel condensate cargo that loaded from the same port on 26 August (MEES, 28 August), these mark only the second time Libya has managed to export from the east since January (MEES, 10 July).

The 1.05mn barrel-capacity Episkopi sailed from Brega late on 30 August having loaded 440,000 barrels of 40.4°API crude, according to data analysis firm Kpler. The cargo was apparently purchased by Austria’s OMV out of storage at the port. The Austrian firm normally imports crude via Italy’s port of Trieste, though as of 4 September the tanker was moored just east of Malta. (CONTINUED - 261 WORDS)