Spain’s gas imports from the US at 1.8bcm were higher than traditional top supplier Algeria (1.76bcm) for the first time ever on a quarterly basis in 1Q20, highlighting the continued attractiveness of LNG over pricier oil-linked pipeline contracts.

Spanish imports of (mainly piped) Algerian gas were already at a nine-year low in 2019 at 12.3bcm with increased LNG volumes from US, Qatar and Russia eating into Algeria’s market share (MEES, 21 February). At just 21% in 1Q20, the North African country’s share is now the lowest on record. And lower piped Algeria imports continued in April at just 0.43bcm (503mn cfd) and 509mn cfd for the first 11 days of May, according to data from grid-operator Enagas. (CONTINUED - 436 WORDS)