Saudi renewables agency Repdo claims a world record low levelized cost for electricity (LCOE) bid of $1.99/kWh for the 400MW Dumat Al Jandal wind farm. Repdo awarded the project to a consortium of France’s EdF and Abu Dhabi’s Masdar, reaching financial close in July 2019 with a view to beginning commercial operation in 1Q22 (MEES, 2 August 2019). On 8 August Repdo announced that it had achieved the new record LCOE, after earlier awarding the project at US¢2.13/kWh.

Repdo is understood to have used an EdF/Masdar award to Denmark’s Vestas for ninety-nine 4.2MW wind turbines, for which pricing was not disclosed, to secure a low LCOE that it is looking to use as a benchmark for subsequent awards. (CONTINUED - 314 WORDS)