Egypt’s gas output has risen above 7bn cfd for the first time ever according to an oil ministry official. Speaking to Reuters on 2 September, the official said that output had risen to 7bn cfd from 6.8bn cfd at end-June and 6.7bn cfd in July as a result of the ramp-up of Italian firm Eni’s giant 21.5tcf Zohr gas field. On 21 August Eni said Zohr output had hit 2.7bn cfd five months ahead of schedule with 3.2bn cfd plateau output to be hit by end-year (MEES, 23 August).

A further boost is set for later this month with start-up at BP’s 900mn cfd-capacity Raven field (MEES, 30 August). Although gas has rightfully taken many of the headlines in Egypt, as the country has resumed LNG exports, the oil ministry is making efforts to raise crude output with a number of key firms hoping to boost capex for the current financial year (MEES, 6 September). (CONTINUED - 153 WORDS)