State utility OPWP aims to raise Oman’s power generating capacity to 12.2GW by 2025, from almost 10GW at the end of 2018, with the development of renewables projects and improved efficiency in existing power plants expected to see gas burning plateau at around 8bcm/year.

Over the forecast period in OPWP’s latest seven-year projection, Oman’s peak power load is expected to reach 9.7GW in 2025, which will represent less than 80% of total installed capacity – a comfortable capacity cushion and a decline from almost 85% of capacity in 2024 (see table). This figure is significantly higher than the 61% of demand as a percent of capacity in 2019 and is indication that Muscat plans to bring aging powerplants offline whilst peak demand grows. (CONTINUED - 1487 WORDS)