US firm Noble Energy and its two Israeli partners at the aptly-named 22tcf Leviathan field, Delek and Ratio, are eying the further expansion of the field. Discovered back in 2010, the partners only stumbled to a final investment decision in 2017, and this for a greatly scaled back ‘Phase-1A’ project (MEES, 24 February 2017). Though first gas is on track for the end of this year, full field development still looks a long way off.

Finding a sizable regional market given complex geopolitics remains as tricky as ever (MEES, 26 July). This has led the field’s partners to revisit old ideas. On 29 July they announced that they had entered into two separate agreements with Bermuda registered Golar and Belgium’s Exmar to provide a Front-End Engineering and Design (FEED) study for the construction of an FLNG facility for Leviathan. (CONTINUED - 655 WORDS)