Dewa Inaugurates M-Station Expansion

Dubai Electricity & Water Authority (Dewa) has inaugurated the 700MW combined cycle gas turbine (CCGT) M-Station Expansion plant at Jebel Ali, on the coast 35km southwest of Dubai city. The AD1.53bn ($417mn) project takes generating capacity of the M-Station plant to 2.89GW and total Dubai power generation capacity to 11.10GW.

Germany’s Siemens provided the two gas turbine generators and a heat recovery steam generator that comprise the extension plant. The project was awarded to Siemens in early 2015 and was originally intended for start-up in 2018 ( MEES, 27 February 2015 ).

Most of Dewa’s project awards since M-Station have been for solar projects at the 5GW MBR Solar Park, under construction in the desert 50km south of Dubai city at Seih al-Dalal. Dewa recently invited developers to qualify to build and operate a 900MW fifth phase ( MEES, 8 March ). Dewa has also awarded a 2.4GW coal-fired power plant under development at Hassyan on the coast south of Dubai city ( MEES, 16 December 2016 ). (CONTINUED - 157 WORDS)