Algeria’s Export Revenue Buffeted By US Shale Hurricane

Among oil and gas exporters, Algeria is especially vulnerable to soaring US exports. Algeria’s volumes are of similar quality and hit the same Atlantic marketplace, whilst the country is no nearer to shaking its reliance on hydrocarbons exports.

Algeria’s political travails continue. Few expect presidential elections slated for 4 July to resolve the country’s sharp political divisions, whilst last month’s ouster of the well-respected Abdelmoumen Ould Kaddour from the post of head of state oil and gas firm Sonatrach expanded the uncertainty to the energy sector ( MEES, 26 April ).

Whoever ends up running Algeria and its energy sector faces massive challenges.

Algeria is reliant on oil and gas for almost 94% of its export revenue ($9.15bn of $9.78bn for the first three months of 2019), a share that has barely changed in recent years – the share did dip to 93% for Q1 2018 but non-hydrocarbon exports have since fallen back (see table). (CONTINUED - 1684 WORDS)


chart Algeria's Oil Output Is At A 15-Year Low Of 1.5mn B/D ('000 B/D)
chart Algeria's Gas Output Peaked In 2016-17 But Has Since Fallen, With Exports Down More (Bn Cfd)
table Algeria: Key Trade Stats, Q1 2019 ($Bn*)
table Algeria's Top 10 Q1 Export Customers ($Bn): Three Asian Countries In The Top 10 Vs None In The Top 15 Three Years Ago