Libya Plans Sirte Gas Boost

Libya’s National Oil Corporation (NOC) announced on 14 May that its Sirte Oil Company (SOC) subsidiary “completed successful development drilling of well FF03-6” at Istiklal gas field in the Sirte basin.

NOC said testing of the well was completed 12 May with the following preliminary results: drilling with a 64/32” choke tested at 263 b/d of condensate and 7.103mn cfd of gas, a 40/64” choke resulted in 328 b/d and 11.725mn cfd, while the 64/48” choke produced the most with 455 b/d and 13.979mn cfd.

Although modest, the output will help counter declines at the field which feeds coastal power stations in Benghazi and Zueitina. Libya’s power sector has suffered under years of war. Lack of fuel supplies to power stations, insecurity around key plants and insufficient maintenance work has caused regular blackouts throughout the country. Istiklal itself was forced to briefly shutdown last year due to power cuts ( MEES, 17 August 2018 ). (CONTINUED - 189 WORDS)