Work to increase output at Baghdad’s 140,000 b/d Daura refinery with the installation of an isomerization unit is nearly complete. A 10,000 b/d bump in gasoline output is expected imminently, a company source familiar with the project tells MEES.

Whilst the volumes are relatively minor, the boost is nonetheless crucial to Iraq as it pushes to boost domestic distillates output to end a reliance of imports of gasoline and diesel (MEES, 1 February). Iraq currently produces 60-70,000 b/d of gasoline – well below domestic demand which averaged 140,000 b/d in 2018. As portions of Iraq (including Mosul, the second city) return to normality following the ‘defeat’ of Islamic State, the country will continue to see products demand soar (MEES, 21 September 2018). It will take more than piecemeal capacity additions to end the deficit. (CONTINUED - 131 WORDS)