Iraq Northern Refining Boost At Baiji

Federal Iraq has begun work aimed at providing much-needed boosts to refined products output, in particular upgraded gasoline in the coming months. Phase-2 work of rehabilitating the crippled Baiji refinery which previously had 310,000 b/d capacity is now underway.

Work includes the “reconstruction and rehabilitation” of a hydrogenation unit which will improve high-end yields and gasoline quality by end-March, as well as the rehabilitation of the 70,000 b/d Salahuddin-1 crude distillation unit (CDU) by end-June.

The ostensibly 70,000 b/d Salahuddin-2 was brought back online last September although Oil Ministry statements suggest current capacity may be as low as 47,000 b/d. The refinery had been offline since it was ransacked by Islamic State (IS) in 2014 ( MEES, 26 September 2014 ). (CONTINUED - 496 WORDS)


table Federal Iraqi Refineries ('000 B/D)