Israel Oil 2018 Data: Gasoline Imports At Record On Refinery Outage

*Israel is a country where security of supply is never taken for granted. So the country’s planners will have been worried that a refinery outage (albeit a planned one) saw the country’s net gasoline imports soar to a record of 30,000 b/d for 2018.

*Latest figures from the country’s two refiners, as well as from Israel’s Energy Ministry show that the country produced 3.16mn tons (73,700 b/d) of gasoline and naphtha for 2018, enough to cover just 72% of the country’s 4.45mn tons (102,600 b/d) consumption, a record shortfall.

*The key ‘culprit’ was the 9.8mn t/y (197,000 b/d)Bazan refinery at Haifa, where unit closures for maintenance during Q3 saw the plant’s products output fall 14% to a six-year low of 9.36mn tons (171,200 b/d) – the lowest since the plant’s throughput capacity was expanded from 180,000 b/d in 2012. (CONTINUED - 681 WORDS)


table Israel: Oil Products Consumption & Net Exports (‘000 B/D)
table Key Refinery Data