Eni’s net Egypt gas output leapt 41% to 1.22bn cfd for 2018, overtaking Libya (1.18bn cfd) as the Italian firm’s top gas producer globally. The two north African countries, which together provided 46% of Eni’s 5.26bn cfd global net gas output for 2018, are way ahead of all other producers – number three Indonesia produced 0.38bn cfd, less than a third of the Libya figure.

Having bottomed out at 3.9bn cfd in early 2016, Zohr has been by far the largest single element in Egypt’s overall gas renaissance: the country’s output rose throughout 2018 as Zohr ramped up hitting a record 6.65bn cfd in February (see chart, MEES, 12 April). Having been a major LNG importer in 2016 and 2017, Egypt has again swung to being a net exporter since last October, since when there have been no LNG imports. (CONTINUED - 2351 WORDS)