Libya: Sharara Returns

Libya’s crude output this week pushed past the 1mn b/d mark for the first time in three months as the 315,000 b/d-capacity El Sharara fields restarted production on 4 March following the removal of the group responsible for the shut down from the site.

“NOC has received assurances that site security has been restored, verified by our own inspection team, enabling staff to return to work,” National Oil Corporation (NOC) head Mustafa Sanalla said on 4 March.

Sharara output reached 135,000 b/d on 7 March, but hasn’t ramped up fully yet due to manpower and technical problems, Reuters reports. Full output would help Libya surpass 1.2mn b/d, a figure last reached in October. NOC says it plans to repair 20,000 b/d of capacity lost to due to “looting and vandalism” during the closure. (CONTINUED - 368 WORDS)