Libya/Eni Big Up Gas Plans

Libya’s National Oil Corporation (NOC) and Eni signed an MoU on 25 March to create a joint steering committee for a 760mn cfd gas project at two fields off the Tripoli coast.

If the project comes to fruition, a new wellhead platform at ‘structure A’ would send 160mn cfd for treatment at the nearby Bahr Essalam field’s Sabratha platform which would then be piped to the onshore Mellitah processing facilities.

‘Structure E’ would see a new production platform with a capacity of 600mn cfd plus 28,000 b/d of condensate sent directly for treatment at Mellitah.

Mellitah Oil & Gas (Eni 50%, NOC 50%) operate Block NC-41 which contains the 45,000 b/d Bouri oil field as well as the Bahr Essalam gas field which produces around 1bn cfd. (CONTINUED - 192 WORDS)