Libya’s General Khalifa Haftar is not interested in reaching a political deal with the Tripoli-based government, at least not for now. He’s getting what he wants on the ground. Since launching his operation to provide “security” to southern Libya (MEES, 18 January), the de facto leader of rival government in the east has taken the cities of Ubari, Sebha, Murzuq, Ghat (see map) and added the 75,000 b/d El Feel and 315,000 El Sharara field to his control.

While the Eni-led El Feel - peacefully taken by the Mr Haftar’s Libyan National Army (LNA) on 21 February - is operating normally, the country’s largest field El Sharara has been shut-in since 9 December when an armed group and protesters took over the field (MEES, 14 December 2018). (CONTINUED - 906 WORDS)