A Unified Libya? Not Quite Yet

Changes on the ground have relegated the fragile unification process to the sidelines. As ever, Libya’s vital oil and gas sector remains a hostage to politics.

Libya’s General Khalifa Haftar is not interested in reaching a political deal with the Tripoli-based government, at least not for now. He’s getting what he wants on the ground. Since launching his operation to provide “security” to southern Libya ( MEES, 18 January ), the de facto leader of rival government in the east has taken the cities of Ubari, Sebha, Murzuq, Ghat (see map) and added the 75,000 b/d El Feel and 315,000 El Sharara field to his control.

While the Eni-led El Feel - peacefully taken by the Mr Haftar’s Libyan National Army (LNA) on 21 February - is operating normally, the country’s largest field El Sharara has been shut-in since 9 December when an armed group and protesters took over the field ( MEES, 14 December 2018 ). (CONTINUED - 906 WORDS)