Libya Looks To Tap Heavy Oil

Libya’s NOC and UK firm Fluid Oil on 20 February announced an MoU to “evaluate the development” of the Haram heavy oil field located on NOC subsidiary Agoco’s block 104/47 in the Sirte Basin.

Fluid Oil says its patented ‘Viscositor Heavy to Light’ (VHTL) technology “improves the properties of heavy oil by reducing both viscosity and density, resulting in a higher value synthetic crude oil which can be transported as easily as conventional crude oil”. The firm says its on-field technology is capable of converting 8-16°API crude to “~30°API.”

The Haram field, was discovered in 1964. A total of 14 wells have been drilled with ‘oil in place’ reserves estimated at 950mn barrels of extra-heavy 18-22°API crude ( MEES, 4 June 1990 ). (CONTINUED - 171 WORDS)