Stalled development of a gas export pipeline from Iraqi Kurdistan to Turkey is forcing the region’s key gas developer to look at alternatives. A pipeline to Turkey was to have been built by next year under a September 2017 agreement between Russia’s Rosneft and the Kurdistan Regional Government (KRG) (MEES, 22 September 2017). The continued absence of progress has implications for IOCs with planned gas developments in Kurdistan.

Khor Mor, at 400mn cfd, is the region’s only foreign-operated producing gas field, operated by Crescent Petroleum and Dana Gas on behalf of the Pearl Consortium (Dana Gas 35%, Crescent Petroleum 35%, OMV 10%, Mol 10%, RWE 10%). Dana says that “Pearl Petroleum’s expansion plan will see output increase to 650mn cfd in 2022, and then to 900mn cfd by 2023” (MEES, 9 August). (CONTINUED - 855 WORDS)