The petrodollar economies of the Middle East are some of the worst global offenders when it comes to greenhouse gas emissions. During this week’s Oil & Money conference in London, Qatar and the UAE especially made pains to stress their investments in carbon capture technology.

The CEO of Abu Dhabi state firm Adnoc, Sultan al-Jaber, told the audience on 9 October that “after launching the Middle East’s first commercial-scale carbon capture utilization and storage facility, we are expanding the program six times. Our goal is to capture at least 4.3mn tons of CO2 annually by 2030.” The current program was launched in November 2016 and recovers 800,000 t/y of CO2 from the Emirates Steel plant and injects it into Adco’s Bab and Rumaitha fields about 40km away (MEES, 11 November 2016). (CONTINUED - 390 WORDS)