Mena Nuclear Power Plans Lose Their Glow

Start-up of the UAE’s delayed flagship nuclear plant is slipping further; Saudi plans are being shaded out by solar; Egypt plans remain at an early stage.

Both the UAE and Saudi Arabia are signalling that their plans for nuclear power generation will not reach fruition as early as intended. UAE’s slippage is a result of delayed training of plant operatives, while Saudi nuclear planning appears to be less of a priority than solar.

UAE energy minister Suhail al-Mazrouei says first electricity from a 5.6GW four-reactor plant being built at Barakah, on the Abu Dhabi coast 50km west of Ruwais, is not expected before the end of 2019. “Nuclear is coming, but there will be a delay,” he announced earlier this month.

State nuclear firm Enec originally intended to bring the four 1.4GW Barakah reactors online at yearly intervals over 2017-20. But state nuclear regulator FANR will not provide Nawah, the operating JV grouping Enec and Korean contractor Kepco, an operating license until key workers have enough experience of observing operations at Kepco’s first APR1400 reactor, the model installed in the four Barakah units. (CONTINUED - 883 WORDS)


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