Oman Reduces Peak Electricity Load Forecast, Targets Lower Gas Burn

Muscat aims to raise its capacity by 4.7GW (56%) by 2024 to cope with a projected 49% increase in peak demand. Renewables and coal-fired capacity are projected to increase their energy-mix share, while gas-fuel demand should grow only 9%.

Oman state utility OPWP expects peak power demand to grow at about 6% a year to 2024 in its two main electricity networks, the Main Interconnected System (MIS) serving Muscat and northern Oman and the Dhofar Power System (DPS) which is centered on the southern city of Salalah.

OPWP’s latest Seven-Year Statement, providing electricity and fuel outlooks for 2018-24, envisages total generating capacity – including the small Duqm and Musandam grids – increasing by 4.71GW to 13.15GW, comfortably above the 10.07GW peak demand predicted in 2024 (see table).

OPWP has again slightly reduced the anticipated pace of peak power demand growth, with peak load now not expected to exceed 10GW until 2024. However, gas burning in power plants breaks the recent trend with an upward revision, even though plant efficiency is improving, with OPWP anticipating strong demand growth in the small grid systems due to development of the local economy (see charts). (CONTINUED - 1361 WORDS)


table Oman Electricity: Demand & Capacity Projections (Gw, End-Yr)
table Oman’s Power Project Pipeline
chart Oman Again Revises Down Projection For Peak Power Demand (GW)…"
chart ...Although Gas Fuel Is Revised Upwards For Near-Term (BCM)…
chart ...Despite Overall Downward Trend In Power Plant Efficiency (M³/Mwh)