KNPC Eyes New Gas Trains

Kuwait state refiner KNPC is studying plans for two new gas fractionation trains, the company’s sixth and seventh, to take the country’s total gas processing capacity to 3.7bn cfd by 2025.

KNPC chief Muhammad al-Mutairi says the new gas plants are part of the company’s strategic program to 2040 which involves $25bn investment in oil and gas processing capacity including a new refinery ( MEES, 30 November ).

Kuwait currently has four fractionation trains at Mina al-Ahmadi with a total processing capacity of 2.46bn cfd, which recover methane, ethane, propane, butane and condensate. Kuwait plans to bring a fifth train online in the second half of next year, which will bring processing capacity up to 3.26bn cfd ( MEES, 19 January ). (CONTINUED - 117 WORDS)