Iran Reinstates Fuel Cards To Curb Smuggling Of Petroleum Products

Iran is heading back to the future as the government rolls back the clock to 2015 – US sanctions, curtailed oil exports, rising inflation and now the promise of fuel cards.

State-owned National Iranian Oil Products Distribution Company (NIOPDC) said this week that it plans to reinstate fuel cards in a bid to curb fuel smuggling.

A fuel card will be required to purchase subsidized gasoline and diesel according to NIOPDC. All vehicle owners are however required to obtain fuel cards by 15 December.

Considering that the past year has seen major anti-government protests over deteriorating economic standards – and that was before the US withdrew from the nuclear accords in May ( MEES, 11 May ) - the re-imposition of such restrictions is a bold move. (CONTINUED - 518 WORDS)


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