BP’s WND Starts Up

Egypt’s BP-operated West Nile Delta (WND) project has begun full Phase 1 operations, the major and German partner DEA announced 10 May.BP says start-up occurred on 24 March – as flagged up by MEES at the time ( MEES, 31 March ) – “eight months ahead of start-up schedule and under budget,”

The Libra and Taurus fields, which constitute Phase 1 of the 1.2bn cfd project, are currently producing 700mn cfd of gas and 1,000 b/d condensate “20% higher than the planned sales gas plateau,” BP says.

This implies that Egypt’s gas output has hit 5bn cfd for the first time since January 2014 (see chart, p20 ). BP expects average deliveries of 600mn cfd to the Egyptian national grid for the remainder of this year. (CONTINUED - 373 WORDS)