Egypt Gas Output Set To Hit 5-Year High By Year-End

Just over two years after discovery, Italian Eni’s flagship 24 tcf Zohr discovery is due to come online. Will the giant field give Egypt the energy independence it craves? Only time will tell.

Eni CEO Claudio Descalzi this week confirmed that Zohr is due to come online in December of this year, in “record time,” following its August 2015 discovery. The speed with which Zohr will come online is made more remarkable considering the field’s location 195km from shore and water depth of 1,450ms. But much of this is owed to already existing infrastructure which will be used to tie-in the first phase of production.

Phase-1 which is due online in December, will initially add 500mn cfd, doubling to 1bn cfd by the end of the first quarter of 2018 and 1.2bn cfd by year-end. Phase-2 will expand output to 2.7bn cfd by 2019 (see chart & MEES, 4 August ). (CONTINUED - 1322 WORDS)


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