The UAE has been making LNG headlines of late as a growing importer. For now exports – from Abu Dhabi – remain more than double import volumes. But growing local gas demand and a supply glut in global LNG markets are throwing into doubt the country’s future as an LNG supplier. The 2019 expiry of the country’s sole long-term export contract – for 4.3mn tons/year from Adgas to Japan’s Tokyo Electric (Tepco) – offers a chance to review export policy.

The 5.8mn t/y (8.1 bcm/year) Adgas plant on Das Island has continued to honor its export contract despite the UAE having been a net gas importer since 2007. The 17.5-18bcm imported from Qatar via the Dolphin pipeline is more than triple the country’s net LNG export volumes (see table). (CONTINUED - 903 WORDS)