Mauritania Plans LNG As Majors Look To Farm In

US firm Kosmos Energy considers LNG the most likely development option for last year’s Tortue West deepwater discovery off Mauritania.

After a third drilling success Kosmos last month raised its “gross resource estimate” for Tortue West to 15 tcf and to “over 20 tcf” for the Greater Tortue Complex. Kosmos discovered the field last year (MEES, 8 May 2015).

The resource straddles the maritime border with Senegal with the next well on the Senegal side of the border, where Kosmos is also operator.

CEO Andy Inglis says that “with this well we believe we have proven sufficient gas resource to underpin a world-scale LNG project in the Tortue West structure alone… we are working towards commercialization.” (CONTINUED - 345 WORDS)