Oman’s Forecasts 85% Power Demand Rise To 2021; Gas Shortage A Worry

Oman peak demand is set to rise 4.8GW by 2021, further stretching gas resources.

Oman Power and Water Procurement Company (OPWP) sees electricity demand in its two main distribution grids – the Main Interconnected System (MIS) and the Dhofar system – rising by 9% and 10% a year respectively, according to its latest seven-year forecast (see Table 1).

The company attributes the growth to increasing personal income, housing starts and continuing government investment in infrastructure projects. Planned generating capacity increases are predicted to keep ahead of peak demand until 2021, when OPWP has plans to cover the projected 590MW shortfall.

The contracted plus prospective capacity figures in the table do not include additional capacity that is available on a contingency basis. OPWP has an electricity sharing agreement with state oil firm PDO (for 60MW) and has installed a 400MW link to the GCC supply grid (MEES, 28 November 2014). (CONTINUED - 1062 WORDS)


table Table 1: Oman Electricity Demand Projections (Gw)
table Table 2: Opwp Projected Powergen Gas Fuel Requirement (Bcm)
table Table 3: Oman Peak Water Demand/Desalination Capacity Outlook (‘000 Cmd)