Warring South Sudan Factions In Last-Chance Saloon

Delegations from both sides of South Sudan’s 14-month-old civil war are meeting this week for what international mediators say will be the “final” time.

South Sudan’s warring parties have effectively been given a final warning: cooperate, or go it alone. Barely three and a half years since gaining independence, Africa’s youngest nation has been ripped apart by a long-simmering dispute within the country’s governing party that turned violent in December 2013, plunging it into a civil war which to date, has killed tens of thousands, and displaced upwards of two million.

Initially contained to the areas around the capital Juba, the fighting between state forces and opposition rebels quickly spread to six of South Sudan’s 10 states, among them Upper Nile and Unity – arguably South Sudan’s most important – from where all of its oil output is pumped. (CONTINUED - 1090 WORDS)