Islamic State (IS) fighters have staged a multi-pronged attack on Iraq’s Baiji refinery. This comes as the US and its Arab allies target oil facilities under IS control in Syria in an effort to cut off the group’s economic lifeline.

The IS assault on Iraq’s largest refining complex has reportedly seriously damaged the 310,000 b/d Baiji plant. Meanwhile, the US military said on 25 September that its latest air strikes in Syria targeted 12 modular refineries used by IS to fund its operations. A US Defense Department official said the refineries, each capable of refining between 300 and 500 b/d of crude, generated some $2mn a day for IS. The radical group reportedly produces some 50,000 b/d from Syria and a further 25,000-30,000 b/d from Iraqi fields it seized after its rapid push into the country on 10 June. (CONTINUED - 1229 WORDS)